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124 Note that the road between Linyanti and Seronga is a public Transit Road. You do NOT need a permit to use it, unless you want to enter one of the Concession Areas on either side of it. However, for obvious reasons the upmarket lodge owners in this area are not entirely welcoming to self-drive tourists. Be aware that this road is VERY unpredictable due to season flooding and can be downright dangerous. If you do attempt this road, inquire about the road condition from locals shortly before you traverse it and ensure that you have enough fuel to retrace your tracks if necessary. Do not attempt it in a single vehicle and ensure that you have proper recovery gear on board.
77 The contact number for the Director of Veterinary Services, Dr. Letlhogile Modisa, is +267 368 9504.
230 The first sentence of the Traveller Description should read: This area is ideal for camping and exploring with your own 4x4. Bear in mind that....
230 Under "Travel Tip": spelling mistake: ...or Makgadigadi Pans...
114 Spelling correction on "Khutse Khanke 1 - 4"...
260 "3rd Bridge Rest Camp" is spelt incorrectly.
281 It should be Shakawe River Lodge (ie. not Shakawe Fishing Lodge) and information confirmed.
153 Visit a kgotla at Moremi Village.
16 Glossary: Kgotla
101 Hainaveld Game Farms (not Heinaveld).
30 Claim from the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund in case of an accident.
73 There now is an official border control point at Bokspits, close to the SA border post. The building is fenced and have an entrance/exit gate.
185 Tip to get internet connection at Rooiputs
108 The route in the direction of (not via) Ghanzi takes one to the Namibian border...
200 Two Rivers is cheaper than Twee Rivieren.
16 Add 'Potjiekos' to Glossary
61 What if you don't have a differential lock?
27 How do you know when a toilet is occupied?
26 Camping etiquette - the use of a donkey to heat water.

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