Book Reviews

This is the ultimate comprehensive “Must Have” for any overlander planning to visit Botswana. It is full of all the most valuable information regarding planning, preparation, border post requirements as well as complete info of all the lodging and camps in Botswana. Congratulations to T4A for putting together this marvellous piece of art! I cannot go without it.

Deon Kotze, SA

This book is fantastic. From my point of view it puts Lonely Planet and Bradt guides to the bottom of the list.

Margaret Hingley, UK

It is apparent T4A has put a lot of effort into compiling the Botswana Self-Drive Guide. The finished product is 1st class.

Robbie Becker, UK

It took me 10 seconds on the preview to know that I want the book. The Tracks4Africa online shop is a breeze. I just wanted to get into the Landy and go after I have read three pages of the book. The book is absolutely amazing. Well worth the money! Great work, Tracks4Africa.

Aubrey Moore, SA

I think this is an excellent, comprehensive production which will fill a definite gap in the market.

Peter Derichs, South Africa

A very informative and comprehensive guide to self-drive in Southern Africa.

Lizette Swart, Roads to Roam Wildlife Safaris and Adventure Holidays

The information pages in the front of the guide is full of useful tips that can help all travellers. The summary in the front of each area gives a focused description of the area which is great. I love the colour coding (it even works for us colour blind guys) that separates the different regions and makes finding types of accommodation easy. The maps are great and make it easy to put things in places and see where they are.

Peter Levey, SA